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At Concord Family Counseling, we are passionate about helping you create the life that you want. Our goal is for you to be authentically yourself, overcome what holds you back, and grow in your relationships.



For teenagers needing help navigating the difficulties of this phase of life. 

Young Adult

For those entering adulthood feeling unequipped, struggling to "launch", or figuring out who they are.


For adults looking to be free from mental health struggles, process their past or improve relationships.

At Concord Family Counseling, we are committed to supporting your teen by:






Coping Skills



Problem Solving






Anger Outburts

Social Comparison



Through counseling, your teen will find their voice, connect through vulnerability, and cultivate a better sense of self.

Teen Counseling Nolensville TN | Concord Family Counseling

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Being a teenager is difficult, plain and simple. During this time period, there is so much growth emotionally, mentally, and physically. Because of a process called individuation, teens often push their parents away and rely more on their peers. Parents often feel out of control and completely terrified. This fear is not unwarranted. It might feel like you can't protect them especially with social media, online predators, pornography, and other technology keeping parents disconnected from a teen's online life. I provide teen counseling in Nolensville TN to escape unhealthy cycles and become more connected.

Concord Family Counseling 301 Mallory Station Rd, Franklin, TN 37067, United States
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William Nolen was traveling through the area when his wagon broke down. He decided to stay and acquired a large piece of property, which eventually became Nolensville.

Today Nolensville still maintains its village heritage. Notable stops include the First United Methodist Church, Nolensville Feed Mill, and antique shops such as Roses & Rustics Antique Shop, The Roost Antiques, Three French Hens, and The Village Antiques & Gifts.

Driving Directions to Franklin, TN from Nolensville, TN:
Take Clovercroft Rd and Cool Springs Blvd to Mallory Station Rd in Franklin
19 min (11.1 mi)
Follow Mallory Station Rd to your destination
2 min (0.5 mi)


Read on and see why we are the trusted teen counseling services in Nolensville, TN.

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"Lydia has a heart for children. The oldest of four, she has always been the caretaker with a beautiful and healing heart to just make things better. My profession dictates that I hire and work with adolescent and family therapists on a daily basis. To be successful, you must be authentic and compassionate yet have the ability to hold firm boundaries and provide structure. Lydia is more than capable to lovingly provide the healing needed." - Carol Arrowood

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Lydia in a professional capacity. She is down-to-earth, knowledgable, and has a great sense of humor that she incorporates into her work with clients as appropriate. Lydia is a great fit for adolescents and is able to build trust and rapport quickly. She thinks outside the box which works great with the teens she sees in her practice. I highly recommend her as a therapist for teens!” - Amber Stevenson

“Openness, kindness, and compassion are a few words I would use to describe Lydia. You can just feel that she really cares for each of her clients and gives them the space to be heard, which is sometimes a hard task for parents to provide for their children and teens at home. I would highly recommend sending your children and teens to see Lydia at Concord Family Counseling.” - Zavior Thompson

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 "Lydia is a highly knowledgeable and trustworthy counselor. Our school has parent trainings as well, and she has done an amazing job breaking down complicated psychological and neuroscience topics in a clear and helpful way. It is clear that she has a strong sense of empathy and truly cares about her job and her clients. "

Anonymous Parent