3 Tips for Improving Time Management

3 Tips for Improving Time Management

Have you ever felt like there are just not enough hours in the day?

You may find yourself struggling to balance work, school, family, or just life in general!!

Guess what–YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Here are 3 easy ways to feel more productive as you navigate all of life’s responsibilities:

TIP #1: Write it down

The best way to know what you need to accomplish each day is to write it down on paper or in a calendar. Not only is this a way to download everything from your brain, but it is a way to know what deadlines to set for yourself.


If you are like me, you can have tons of ideas floating through your mind, but never know what to start with first. After you create your To-Do list, place them in order of importance and based on how much time is needed for each task. Work on tackling the easier things first. Bigger tasks can take longer than expected, so you don’t want it to take up too much of your day.

TIP #3: Consider Time Blocking

 Some tasks are easy to complete quickly, and other tasks may require more time. Time blocking is a way to designate a specific time to focus on each task, and once that time is up, you will then move on to something else. For example, you may set a timer to clean the kitchen for 30 min. Once the timer goes off, move on to the next room in the house and set a timer. This prevents you from working on one task too long, but gives attention to multiple things within a specific timeframe.


What are you waiting for? The tips above are just a few ways to help improve time management, but there are numerous ways to learn these skills. At Concord Family Counseling, we can assist you with analyzing where you need support, and how to manage all your responsibilities in less stressful ways. Contact us today!