Self-Care in Parenthood

3 Pā€™s of Practicing Self-Care in Parenthood

Parenthood, they say, comes with no manual. While there are countless resources on parenting, there’s often a scarcity of guidance on self-care for parents and caregivers. In the relentless journey of nurturing others, it’s crucial to remember the 3 P’s of self-care in parenthood, reminding you to care for yourself as much as you care for those you love.


The first step is to grant yourself permission. Allow yourself the freedom to do things just for you. It’s perfectly acceptable to seek moments of solitude, away from the demands of daily life. Taking time for yourself doesn’t diminish your love for your family and friends; it replenishes your spirit, making you even more capable of caring for others.


Putting yourself first requires intentionality. It might not always feel comfortable, and you may wrestle with the fear of being labeled as lazy or unmotivated when you prioritize your own well-being. It’s crucial to schedule self-care, treating it as you would a doctor’s appointment or important commitment. Once scheduled, honor it like a sacred commitment ā€“ don’t cancel or reschedule.


Once you’ve identified what works best for you, protect it fiercely. You serve as a pillar of support to others, but you can’t fulfill that role effectively if you’re running on empty. It’s vital to safeguard your well-being, making it non-negotiable. Whether it’s a leisurely drive, a soothing bubble bath, retail therapy, a relaxing vacation, or any activity that brings you peace ā€“ engage in it without apologies.

At Concord Family Counseling, we recognize that life presents a multitude of stressors. Let us guide you in incorporating these self-care practices into your life. By doing so, you’ll make yourself a priority, fostering a healthier, more balanced, and fulfilled life for both you and those you cherish. Your well-being is worth every effort, and we’re here to support your journey.

Self-care in parenthood