Being “Okay”

What Does It Mean to be “Okay?”

When someone asks “How are you”, have you ever responded with “I’m fine/okay”, even though you probably weren’t? There are times when everything is not fine or okay, yet we hesitate to disclose how we really feel because it’s a lot to share or worry that we will burden others. Lack of disclosure can also mean that you don’t know how to articulate what you think or feel, so it’s easier to say, “I’m okay.”

In therapy, we often use the Emotions Exploration Scale, which helps clients expand their vocabulary around certain emotions. For example, words like “rejected”, “crushed”, or “devalued” all describe feelings of hurt. “Empty”, “abandoned”, or “detached” all describe feelings of loneliness. The more that we learn about ourselves and how to articulate how we truly feel, the less likely we will shy away from being honest when people ask how we are doing.

At Concord Family Counseling, we can help you gain a deeper understanding of the emotions you experience. Whether things are going well or not, we can help you find ways to verbally express whatever concerns you have without feeling alone.